Why Have Digital Signage in Your Workplace?

How digital signage can have an impact in your office

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Office Digital Signage

One effective way of communicating today is through screens. Most people are always on their phones or desktops surfing the internet, reading through emails, or checking out their social media accounts. It is the easiest and fastest way to grab attention and send news or messages.

In some workplaces, screens are also used as a means of communication. You will see some offices promote their new offerings or make their announcements through an on-loop video projected onto screens.

Digital signage is often used for product or brand advertisement, but it can also be an effective messaging tool to use inside a workplace.

Here are some reasons you should consider having digital signage in your workplace:

1. Great medium for announcements

Sending an email for an announcement is always the go-to method of most companies. While it is an easy way to reach a large group of people, it also has its downside. Email inboxes always fill up fast, especially for a busy company. The messages sent to an employee’s email can be lost, and people might not immediately see these important bulletin announcements.

With digital signage in the office, you can ensure that anyone present can see the announcements you posted as soon as they arrive in the workplace. You can put the announcements on loop to make sure no one misses out on the message.

2. It can be interactive

Digital signage can also be an interactive platform. For example, you are to congratulate an employee on a great performance or a promotion. You can post the greeting through any screen visible to all, and you have the option to sync the digital screen management software you used with your business social media accounts. With this feature, your employees can upload their congratulatory messages by using the official hashtags, and these posts can immediately be featured on the screen.

For a promoted employee, this new way of greeting could also be exciting. It gives an additional sense of pride having their name and photo projected at all areas of the company. It is also a friendly and simple way to introduce a new hire to everyone. You can post their photos so that anyone immediately recognizes them and knows their name when they bump into them around the office.

Usage of features like QR codes can also help share resources like links or or web pages so if people want to know more about the given announcement, they can simply scan the QR code with their phone and it will open a specific web page where they can get more information.

3. It is a new and fun method for communication

There are a lot of things you can do on a screen. You can create a video, an animation, a flashing image, add a sound, and more. The use of moving and interesting graphics makes people remember the information more compared to simply reading an email announcement or a newsletter.

Having digital signage in your office is attention-grabbing and also a fun way to send out the information in a way that people will actually pay attention to.  When you have something important you want to communicate we usually just send out a company wide email, although this is often just ignored or is simply  lost in already overflowing inboxes.

A bright eye catching digital signage screen in common areas of the office is something that people will pay attention to, not only that, it's something that people are likely to take notice of multiple times as they walk past it during the day, rather than the once opened and forgotten email.

4. It has several functions

You can use digital signage not just for news or announcements. It can also be used to send inspirational messages to your employees at any time of the day. It is a platform where events, parties, accomplishments, and other fun activities can also be shared. Anything that you can project on a screen that requires everyone’s attention is made possible with digital signage in the office.

Aside from company related announcements and event information digital signage screens can display a whole range of useful things like news headlines, weather, sports info and live video streams.


Using digital signage is one easy way to showcase the information you want your employees or customers to see in a glance. It is made possible by the digital screen management solution that creates, manages, and cycles your content on any screen you assign to use. With some existing screens around the office, you can immediately connect and communicate effectively with your employees.

If you are interested in displaying digital signage for your workspace, contact us, and we will help you. VuePilot runs on any Linux, Mac or Windows device and takes just moments to turn any screen in your office into a useful digital signage screen.

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