Take Control Of Your Office TV Dashboard Screens

Display your reports on rotation on any screen in your office. Add helpful screens such as weather, time & date, news headlines or calendars easily to your dashboard rotation to keep your staff informed. All remotely managed from the online interface
Office TV Dashboard Wall

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Use Cases

TV Dashboards With Reports

Display Dashboards

Your dashboards, your reports displayed on your screens. Just provide the URLs and assign them to your screens

Office meeting room collaboration

Meeting Rooms

Display key meeting information such as timetables, documents, agendas and minutes on screens in your board rooms

Display warnings and alerts where everyone can see


Make company announcements on big screens. Broadcast updates to events times or important employee info on big screens and stop sending emails no one reads

Useful Office Apps

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Display and manage Microsoft Power BI dashboards & reports around your workplace with just a few clicks

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Display local weather forecasts on screens around your business with current and upcoming temperatures

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Pull request dashboards with continuous integration status reports to keep developers informed

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Display large screen tables. Easily create custom timetables, schedules and directories in seconds

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Easily create & display styled announcement messages with image themes for events and notices

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Time & Date

Time & Date

Create beautiful custom styled time and date screens. Use your own images for background and styling

PDF Documents

PDF Documents

Display PDF documents as beautiful full screen slide shows or individually as single pages to bring attention to documents & presentatons

Office 365 Documents

Office 365 Documents

Easily display cloud based Office 365 Spreadsheets, Word documents & PowerPoints on screens in your business

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How Does It Work?

Install the software on any Windows, Mac, Linux or approved hardware device, connect it to your screen and you've got a remote control TV dashboard.

Forget about fumbling around for the keyboard and mouse to update your office dashboard screens, you can do it remotely from the online dashboard and the comfort of your desk

Rotate through your company dashboards by simply creating play lists that contain the URLs to your reports and dashboards. Add some additional information screens like weather or time & date to enhance the functionality of your office TV screens

VuePilot works like a smart, remote control browser. If you can view it on your browser, then you can display it on screens with VuePilot

Key Features

Synchronise your screens, rotations and media automatically via the cloud in seconds

Cloud Synchronized

Synchronise your screens, rotations and media automatically via the cloud in seconds using our API & fast content delivery network

Connect and manage multiple screens per machine

Multi Screen Display

Connect and manage multiple dashboard screens to a single machine. Configure different content and intervals per screen

Display news headlines, announcements, images & video with just a few clicks

Digital Signage Apps

Add news headlines, announcements, images & video with just a few clicks. Inject some life into your boring dashboard screens

Media Delivered Fast

Power Managed

Automatically prevents display sleep and machine suspend so you don't need to fiddle around with power settings

Remote Control Screens

Remote Control

Start, stop, pause and update your screens remotely from the online dashboard. Full control from the comfort of your seat

Hijack and display content on screens right now

Hijack Screens

Hijack and display content on screens right now. For when you need to immediately draw attention


Use Any Hardware You Want

Got an old PC laying around? What about a compute stick? Raspberry PI? NUC box? How about a Mac Mini? Use any Windows, Mac or Linux machine to run your TV dashboards using VuePilot.

The VuePilot hardware player is the size of a wallet

We provide software for all platforms and also provide guides for getting setup using your own hardware.

See our TV Dashboard Guide for more info on selecting the right hardware for your needs

Don't have anything? Want a device thats small and neatly fits away behind your screens? No problem, we can help you get setup with our small, powerful Raspberry Pi based hardware device thats capable of driving two screens from one tiny box that's about the size of your wallet.
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