Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I make the software start automatically on login?

From the software, simply click into settings then check both "Launch On Login" and "Auto Run On Start"
"Launch On Login" will start the software when the machine logs in and "Auto Run On Start" will start the rotation when the software runs

How can I upgrade the software on my machine?

Simply download the latest version from the downloads page and run the installer. It will overwrite the old version and leave your licensing information and configuration intact. You do not have to reactivate or reconfigure the software.

How can I login to dashboards that require authentication?

There is no standard way to automtically login with credentials to a website. Whilst it's possible to automatically fill in a username and password field, then submit, there are many variables involved.
For example, is the input box named "username" or "user_name" or maybe "email"? Are you redirected to a sign in page when unauthenticated or do you have to click a link? Is the form visible? or maybe you need to click a drop down menu to see it. Then there is complexities with single sign on, Windows authentication / NTLM, two factor auth etc.

The problem sounds simple, but the answer is actually quite complicated, so our solution is to simply open the page with the software and sign in as normal. The authenticated browser session will persist to all rotations on that machine. As the pages are being reloaded every few minutes during rotation the sessions are kept active.

From the software on your machine, when viewing the rotations panel, enter the URL of the dashboard that requires authentication into the URL box, then click the "Preview" icon next to it. This will open the URL in a browser window, login to the dashboard as normal.

Next simply close the window and the authenticated session will be persisted to the rotation windows, just like any other browser session.

How Do I Display My Microsoft Power BI Dashboards?

Power BI allows you to "Publish To Web", which essentially creates a public URL that you can view your reports with. See this article on Publish to web from Power BI from more information.

You may also use a secure embed link, which will require you to login to the dashboard from the VuePilot software first, after which the authenticated session will be persists. More info on secure embedded URLs here

Why do I get the error "This app can’t run on your PC"?

Chances are you're trying to run a 64bit version of the software on a 32bit operating system. Please be aware that many "compute sticks" run 32bit versions of Windows, so you'll need to use the 32bit version of the software

Can I use the software without an internet connection?

Yes! Although you will need to contact us and request and "offline license". We will generate this for you and send it back to which you can use the "offline registration" feature.

Can adjust the time each page is displayed for?

From the rotations page, there is an "Interval" setting per URL. This is the number of seconds the page will be displayed for before changing to the next.

Do the pages refresh on each rotation?

Yes, each time the page changes, the URL is refreshed. Just like you typed it into the browser and hit enter

Can I manage screens in another physical location?

Yes! Using the VuePilot dashboard you can update, start, stop, pause and hijack rotations

Do I need a specific license for each operating system?

Nope, your license is valid for any operating system. You are free to activate any license on any operating system. Same price, same features.

Do you offer enterprise sized pricing plans?

Yes! If you require a large number of licenses, please contact us to discuss a custom pricing solution