What hardware do I need to use VuePilot?

Any Windows, Mac or Linux computer.  You can also use a Raspberry Pi for a tiny powerful player device. You do not need special hardware, nor do you need to buy anything from us, you can use any old machine you have laying around. There are no minimum hardware requirements, although we would recommend at least a dual core processer and 2GB of RAM for basic use, and higher for things like dashboard and reporting displays that tend to run a lot JavaScript and perform CPU bound animations.

Can I use my Smart TV?

We do not currently offer a Smart TV app.  Smart TV's are generally under powered to display things like JavaScript heavy web pages or dashboards and are more suited to displaying basic digital signage such as images or video. We will be building Smart TV apps in the future, but for most VuePilot use cases any old computer or Raspberry Pi is going to provide a much more powerful platform for displaying things such as webpages and dashboards on screens, whilst offering the ability to connect a keyboard and mouse for configuration and adjustments.

How can I make the software start automatically on login?

From the software, simply click into settings then check both "Launch On Login" and "Auto Run On Start" "Launch On Login" will start the software when the machine logs in and "Auto Run On Start" will start the rotation when the software runs

How can I upgrade the software on my machine?

Updates are automatic, when a new version is released, upon restarting the software it will check for new versions and prompt you with a button to apply the update and restart. If you don't want to use automatic updates, you can disable them from the settings panel on the software then simply download the latest version from the downloads page and run the installer. It will overwrite the old version and leave your licensing information and configuration intact. You do not have to reactivate or reconfigure the software.

When trying to load a webpage I see a blank white page

This is usually caused by an invalid certificate or the usage of a "self signed certificate". If you open the same page in Chrome and it informs you that the page is insecure and that you must manually permit it, then VuePilot will simply display a blank white page. Self signed certificate support is disabled by default for security reasons, but you can enable it from the settings panel of the VuePilot software, look for the setting named "Self Signed Certificates"

Can I use the software without an internet connection?

Yes! Although you will need to contact us and request and "offline license". We will generate this for you and send it back to which you can use the "offline registration" feature. Please keep in mind that offline usage will disable all of the remote control and synchronisation functionality
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