Latest Player: v2.5.2 - Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi & Google TV

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The VuePilot player software is only for the devices attached your screens.
Management of your screens is handled from the online VuePilot dashboard


Download the windows player installer (32bit and 64bit)


Download the Mac player dmg package (64bit only)


Install the VuePilot player using Snapcraft (snap package)

Google TV / Android TV

Install VuePilot on your Google Android TV or device from the Google Play Store. Small compact and powerful, the Chromecast with Google TV device is perfect for discrete workplace information screens. No bulky computers or wires required.

Download VuePilot on the Google Play Store

Raspberry Pi / Arm64 Devices

The Rasberry Pi is small, compact, powerful and can power two screens from a single device. Perfect for small to medium sized digital signage installations.

Install VuePilot on the Rasberry Pi using Snapcraft

VuePilot CLI

Programmatically control your VuePilot players using the VuePilot CLI (Command Line Interface).

Trigger apps, notifications and send remote commands to your VuePilot controlled screens from the command line .

Display information on your screens triggered by build pipelines or other automated processes.

Change Log

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