VuePilot CLI

Programmatically control your VuePilot managed screens using the VuePilot CLI (Command Line Interface).

Display information on your screens triggered by build pipelines, system events or other automated processes.
VuePilot CLI

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Download the Windows CLI (x64)


Download the Mac CLI (Arm64)


Download the Linux CLI (x64)  


  • Download the appropriate CLI for your operating system and extract the contents
  • Open a terminal or command prompt and navigate to the folder where you extracted the CLI.
  • Run the CLI by executing the vuepilot command

Read the VuePilot CLI documentation for more information.

Automated Notifications

  • Display warnings and notifications on screens in your business
    Display eye catching custom styled time and date screens


    Alert your staff with custom alarms and notifications on screens around your business

  • Display warnings and notifications on screens in your business
    Weather Digital Signage


    Display warnings and notifications about potential alarms

  • Display warnings and notifications on screens in your business
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    Display information and messages on screens around your workplace

Display notifications and alerts on your screens with the VuePilot CLI in response to system events or external triggers such as continous integration pipelines or monitoring tools.

Easily integrate VuePilot notifications with your existing scripts and tools to keep your team informed.

Programmatic App Updates

Programmatically update your app configs and screens with new images or content

Trigger app configuration updates in response to external events or system changes and have your fleet of screens automatically update

Automated Commands

Send commands to your entire fleet of screens from the command line to reload configurations, restart apps or stop and start rotations

Automate your screen management tasks with the VuePilot CLI

Get Started With The VuePilot CLI

View the VuePilot CLI documentation