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Setting up the perfect TV dashboard is somewhat of an art that is often overlooked and performed poorly, however we tend to find our selves depending on these screens for our day to day business more and more, so why wouldn’t we want to ensure we are getting the most out of these business critical tools?

Here's our favourite tips for TV dashboard productivity

The office TV dashboard is the goto resource for displaying reports and information around the workplace. Every company has them and often individual departments within those companies will have their own TV screens displaying their own relevant information for that specific team.

Many people however, don’t tend to spend the time to set this up correctly which results in excessive future maintenance and the endless up keep that comes with adding new dashboards to the rotation, adding new screens around the office, ensuring they stay, in sync, online and ensuring they start up automatically.

Here's our guide on setting up the perfect TV dashboard

While dashboards have proved extremely useful in situations where a user needs to have information condensed into a single screen, this is only a given if you are using them correctly.

Unfortunately, many people have ended up with custom dashboards only to find them next to unusable because it turned out to be hard to use. For instance, the dashboard might be displaying too much information or different data formats that viewers find it hard to comprehend.

One effective way of communicating today is through screens. Most people are always on their phones or desktops surfing the internet, reading through emails, or checking out their social media accounts. It is the easiest and fastest way to grab attention and send news or messages.

Digital signage is often used for product or brand advertisement, but it can also be an effective messaging tool to use inside a workplace.

Designing an effective workplace department requires you to provide the right tools and devices for your staff so that they can perform their tasks as efficiently as possible. Besides buying the necessary hardware to accommodate connection to deal with client interaction, some office setups use a TV dashboard to improve office productivity.

TV dashboards curate a visual representation of relevant data of your business’ progress, which can show a variety of information that improves organizational workflow

It started with one dashboard screen, then two... now you want to display 12 screens rotating through 35 dashboards.

Now it's getting tricky! Manage and display content on multiple screens from one VuePilot instance.

Forget about manually managing this your self, let VuePilot it do it for you. VuePilot supports multiscreen configuration so you can connect as many screens as you wish to the one machine and remotely manage them all from the comfort of your desk.
Perfect for operations centers with demanding multiscreen dashboard configurations

Traditionally, we’ve used some free tool or script that simply cycles through web pages in browser tabs. This works for a short period of time until you find your self constantly walking around to screens, fumbling around trying to find the keyboard and mouse that’s gone missing (again) and endlessly adding new URLs to the rotation on screens across your office, frequently having to restart the browser because the machine rebooted for whatever reason.

Sound like you? We know it all to well.. The good news is, VuePilot has a solution for you.

So you’ve created a few dashboards or reports and now you’re wondering how you’re going to display these masterpieces to the rest of the world.

You have the URLs to these web pages and you would like to display all of them in a rotation on screens around your workplace but you’re not sure about the best way to do it. Sound familiar?

We've been there and we've got a solution for you