Simple Dashboard Rotation Management

Complete remote management of your dashboard screens

Multi screen dashboard rotation management for your work place

Hijack any screen during critical incidents for immediate attention

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Vue Pilot manages dashboard screen rotation for your office


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Vue Pilot is a dashboard management solution that aims to make the task of managing fleets of screens and dashboards around your office easy. Adding, removing and updating dashboards is a hassle, especially when you have multiple screens and multiple offices to manage. Keyboards go missing, wall mounted screens are awkward to access and you have better things to do with your time than walking around to endless screens adding new dashboard URLs.

Rotation information is synchronized to the cloud and across your machines with Vue Pilot.
Add the new sales dashboard to every screen in your organisation in seconds from the centralized management dashboard. Remotely manage your machines from the online interface and never again fumble around for keyboard and mouse

Simple, Cloud Synchronized Dashboard Management

Simple, Synchronized Dashboard Rotation

Rotate through web pages on screens around your workplace. Connect multiple screens for multi screen dashboard rotation.

Rotation updates are synchronized across all your machines through the cloud in an instant.

Control your entire fleet of dashboard screens from one simple interface.

Create and manage multiple rotations to be displayed on multiple screens for different teams and departments screens

Multi Screen Configuration

Remotely manage your dashboard screens

Complete Remote Dashboard Management

Create and manage dashboard URL rotation lists remotely then assign to any screen in your fleet

Start, stop, pause and update rotations on any screen and any machine from the online dashboard.

Automatically starts rotations on machine boot. No more clunky autostart scripts

No more fumbling for keyboards and mice to plugin to wall mounted dashboard screens

Show Me How

Show content on any screen immediately

Take Over Any Screen With Hijack

Need to display something on a screen right now? Use the "Hijack" feature to immediately take over a screen, displaying that criticial incident dasbboard when you need it most

Perfect for high priority incidents or when you need to draw immediate attention.

Vue Pilot is cross platform compatible

Cross Platform

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.
Licenses are valid for any platform, same simple price.

The Dashboard Rotator cycles through URLs on large screen displays around your office

Looking For Dashboard Rotator?

The Dashboard Rotator has been replaced by Vue Pilot however you can continue using the Dashboard Rotator and any licenses purchased for the software.

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Simple Pricing

Pay per month or pay yearly and save 25%
One license per machine

Simple Additions

Add more licenses, paid prorata to the end of your billing cycle