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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "Simple & effective display management software"
    Incredibly easy to get up and running, takes only a few minutes. We liked that we could use the old machines that we had laying around to power our screens
    Chief Technology Officer
    Information Technology and Services
  • "Revolutionary!!!"
    The fact you can add different types of information through apps including our youtube videos, images and dynamic content from our PowerBI dashboards makes VuePilot the perfect solution. Very easy to set up and use, and the service is outstanding.
    Head Of Sales
  • "Great Display Software"
    Makes it so easy to set up displays on multiple screens and change those on the fly. This lets us make multiple dashboards on tvs all over the office. Each one has a different rotation and it works well
    Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
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How Many Licenses Do I Need?

VuePilot licenses are assigned per player installation, not per screen. This means if you have multiple screens attached to the one player device, you will only require one license for those screens, as there is only one copy of the player software installed. Most standard computers will have at least 2 video outputs so you can control 2 screens at once with a single license from the same machine.

A simple way to calculate it is to count how many devices you will install the VuePilot player software on, regardless of how many actual screens are attached to those devices. That’s how many licenses you’ll need.

How Does Billing & Payments Work?

Please see our support article regarding - Subscriptions, Payments & Billing

What Hardware Do I Need To Use?

You can use any Windows, MacOS, Linux or Raspberry Pi device. See Hardware Requirements & Information

How Many Screens Can I Use Per License?

Unlimited. Unlike other digital signage software, our licenses are per machine, not per screen, so you're only limited to how many screens you can connect to a single machine.

For example, a single machine with two video cards and four outputs each could easily power 8 large screens, using a single VuePilot license. Each license is

Another example, John has 8 screens in his business displaying information for both customers and employees.

  • In the sales office he has 4 screens attached to a single PC displaying dashboards and Power BI reports
  • In the workshop he has 2 screens attached to a single PC displaying dashboards and status reports
  • In the store front he has 2 screens, one behind the counter and one in the front window each connected to their own Raspberry Pi, displaying company branding, pricing tables and product images
In this example, John only needs 4 licenses, as there are 4 physical devices running the software.

Can I Have Multiple Users? How Much Does It Cost?

Yes you can invite and add as many users to your account as you want, both members and admins at no additional cost.

We Use Both Windows & Linux, Do We Need Different Licenses For Each?

Nope, any VuePilot license is valid for any supported operating system. Mix and match as much as you want.

Can I Transfer Licenses To Other Machines?

Of course! Simply deactivate the machine from the software and reactivate on your new machine.

Prorated Payment / Pay As You Go

For example, when adding a new license half way through the month, pay half the price initially, then regular monthly payments on the next cycle. Only pay for what you use. Add more licenses only when you need them.

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