Getting Started

Installation Using Snap

Installing VuePilot using snap packages or snapd is one of the easiest ways to install the software. Snaps are universal Linux packages that allow you to install software as though you were using any other app store such as the Apple App store or Windows store. This means you can be up and running with […]

Rasberry Pi Setup Instructions

Setting up the software Rasberry Pi is much like any other Linux setup instructions although there is a slightly different process for configuring the software to automatically start when the device boots, There are a few different ways we can setup VuePilot on a Raspberry Pi, depending on what you prefer. The easiest way to […]

Activating Licenses

Activating a license assigns one of your licenses to a machine which permits the VuePilot software to be run on that particular machine.

Installing The Software

VuePilot is available for a number of different platforms.  The installation is the same for each operating system, simply download and run the installer, just be sure to download the correct version for your platform.

How Upload And Display Digital Signage Media

VuePilot allows you to upload and manage your own images, video or any other types of media for usage with your digital signage screens. This can be done using the our simple media manager when creating any new app that allows media display, such as the announcement, image or video apps.

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