Getting Started

Using The VuePilot CLI

The VuePilot CLI allows you to programmatically control your VuePilot players and the content displayed on your screens using a terminal or automated process. Trigger apps, notifications and send remote commands to your VuePilot controlled screens from the command line using scripts or shell commands triggered by build pipelines, system events or other automated processes. […]

How To Get Support With VuePilot

Every day VuePilot receives a large volume of support tickets from customers around the world.  Our staff are based in Sydney, Australia however our customers are global.  We receive support tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are a small team which makes dealing with a high volume […]

Account Management

VuePilot offers the ability to manage your account and users of your account from within the dashboard under the “Account” section User Management You can add additional users to your account via the Users section of the account management page. There is no limit to the number of users you can add to your account. […]

Hardware Requirements & Information

The VuePilot software is used to display your content onto the connected screens.  It communicates directly with your TV or display devices.   We often refer to this as the “player” software and it is responsible for “playing” the rotations on your screens. You do not need to install the player software on your own desktop […]

Using The Scheduler

The VuePilot scheduler allows you to control when particular content and pages within your rotations are to be displayed. The scheduler allows you to perform specific time scheduling operations, such as Displaying content only after or before a particular date Displaying content only after or before particular times of the day Displaying content only on […]

Using VuePilot Without An Internet Connection

The VuePilot player software will work whilst offline however the level of functionality available will depend on if you’re using the product partially offline or completely offline. We classify “offline” as being either “partially offline” which is the case when the the machine is generally connected to the internet, however it may have been disconnected […]

Installation Using Snap

Installing VuePilot using snap packages or snapd is one of the easiest ways to install the software. Snaps are universal Linux packages that allow you to install software on any Linux distribution as though you were using any regular app store such as the Apple App store or Android play store. This means you can […]

Raspberry Pi Setup Instructions

There are two ways you can use your Raspberry Pi as a VuePilot player.  The first way is to flash our official VuePilot image onto your SD card which will give you a pre-configured operating system that is completely setup and ready to go. The second way is to simply install the VuePilot software onto […]

Activating & Deactivating Licenses

Activating and deactivating licenses is quick and easy.  Licenses are “Activated” against machines using their machine names and can be moved to  other machines by “Deactivating” them first before re activating on the new machine

Installing The Software

VuePilot is available for a number of different platforms.  The installation is the same for each operating system, simply download and run the installer, just be sure to download the correct version for your platform.

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