Digital Signage

How Upload And Display Digital Signage Media

VuePilot allows you to upload and manage your own images, video or any other types of media for usage with your digital signage screens. This can be done using the our simple media manager when creating any new app that allows media display, such as the announcement, image or video apps.

How To Display Images On Signage Screens

Displaying images for branding, messaging, product info or just for aesthetically please displays is a common use case for digital signage. There are a number of different ways to display images on your screens using VuePilot, we’ll cover some of the basic here. The Image App The image app is a simple app for displaying images. […]

How To Display YouTube Videos On Signage Screens

Displaying YouTube videos on screens is an easy way to promote video content or display marketing campaigns. VuePilot makes it very easy to display YouTube vidoes in full screen presentation modes on screens in your business. Adding The YouTube App Simply create a new YouTube app from the Apps page, give it an identifiable name […]

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