Using The VuePilot CLI

The VuePilot CLI allows you to programmatically control your VuePilot players and the content displayed on your screens using a terminal or automated process. Trigger apps, notifications and send remote commands to your VuePilot controlled screens from the command line using scripts or shell commands triggered by build pipelines, system events or other automated processes. […]

How to fix black website background issues

If you are seeing an issue where by your website normally has a white background although within VuePilot it is showing a black background and you are unable to read it, this is because your website does not specify a background colour, and so its background is transparent. The VuePilot software has a black background […]

How To Display Dropbox Videos and Images On Screens

You can display video and images from DropBox on screens in your business using the standard VuePilot apps, you simply need to use the direct or “download” links to the resource. By default, when you copy a “share” link from the Dropbox dashboard it will copy a URL to a web page that embeds that […]

How To Create A PDF Slideshow From PowerPoint Slides

A common use case we often hear of is customers wanting to display PowerPoint slides on TV screens in their business.  This is possible to do by using our Office 365 app and following the instructions found here however this approach comes with a number of issues, mostly to do with using the Microsoft Office […]

How To Automatically Change PowerPoint Slides At Intervals On Office 365

When displaying Power Point slides to display on screen, it’s common you may wish to have the slides automatically progress to the next slide after a few seconds. This is called “Auto Advance” although this is not something that can be controlled by VuePilot directly instead this is a setting that must be configured within […]

Troubleshooting App Display Issues

VuePilot is a highly optimized piece of software. It is designed cache images, source code and videos locally in as many places as it can in order to speed up load times, combat slow and patchy internet and to continue displaying content on screens in your business even when your internet drops out completely. Sometimes […]

Display Office 365 Documents On Screens

You can display your Microsoft Office 365 documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations on TV screens in your office by using the VuePilot Office 365 app. By using the Office 365 app and not manually uploading a copy of the document to our servers we can display a real time version of your documents directly from […]

Microsoft Power BI Authentication Information

The VuePilot Microsoft Power BI app is based around the standard Power BI embedding functionality that Microsoft provides.  VuePilot does not require you to store credentials or private company details within our database, instead it will simply embed your report or dashboard into a portable app which can then be distributed and displayed around your […]

Displaying Microsoft Office 365 Documents With The IFrame App

You can display your Microsoft Office 365 documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations on TV screens in your office by using the “embed” feature and the VuePilot IFrame app. PLEASE NOTE USING IFRAMES ARE NO LONGER THE PREFERRED WAY TO EMBED OFFICE DOCUMENTS AND WILL BE UNSUPPORTED BY MICROSOFT IN 2021 – PLEASE USE OUR OFFICE […]

Logging Into Websites That Require Authentication

There is no standard way to automatically login with credentials to a website. Quite simply, it’s complicated. Whilst it is possible to automatically fill in a username and password field, then submit, there are many variables involved. For example, is the input box named “username” or “user_name” or maybe “email”? Are you redirected to a […]

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