Setting Zoom Levels For Rotation Pages

You may wish to change the default zoom level for certain pages in your rotation, say for example to zoom out and fit an entire dashboard on the screen or to zoom in and remove excessive empty backgrounds. This is easily done with VuePilot by using your keyboard and the preview function.  Here’s how From […]

Using VuePilot Without An Internet Connection

The VuePilot player software will work whilst offline however the level of functionality available will depend on if you’re using the product partially offline or completely offline. We classify “offline” as being either “partially offline” which is the case when the the machine is generally connected to the internet, however it may have been disconnected […]

Transferring Licenses To Another Machine

When you activate a license on a new machine an encrypted license file is generated and stored on the file system which identifies this specific machine with our servers and validates you are an active customer. You can easily move your licenses to other machines however by simply deactivating the license and reactivating it on […]

Upgrading The Software

For Releases 2.12 and up The software will automatically check for newer releases when it starts up, you will see a small notification in the sidebar informing you a new version is ready to be installed, you can either click the button to restart the software which will reload with the latest version, or you […]

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