Deprecation Of VuePilot Debian 10 Raspberry Pi Image

We are announcing the deprecation of the VuePilot Player for Raspberry Pi devices running Debian 10 (Buster) operating system. Why? Debian 10 (Buster) is now considered an old-stable release, is a 32bit operating system and will longer be receiving updates from the Debian project in the near future. This means that the software running on […]

How To Get Support With VuePilot

Every day VuePilot receives a large volume of support tickets from customers around the world.  Our staff are based in Sydney, Australia however our customers are global.  We receive support tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are a small team which makes dealing with a high volume […]

Android TV / Google TV Troubleshooting

Here are some of the most common support questions we see regarding usage of Android TV and Google TV devices Please read these before opening a support ticket Can my TV install the app? If your TV is relatively new is running Android TV or Google TV and has the Google Play Store app available, […]

How to fix black website background issues

If you are seeing an issue where by your website normally has a white background although within VuePilot it is showing a black background and you are unable to read it, this is because your website does not specify a background colour, and so its background is transparent. The VuePilot software has a black background […]

Troubleshooting Microsoft Power BI Issues

Microsoft Power BI is a very popular product that we see a lot of customers using for their office dashboards.   The VuePilot Power BI app makes displaying your Power BI dashboards and reports on TV screens in your business incredibly simple, with just a few clicks. Occasionally we do come across problems where the Power […]

Troubleshooting App Display Issues

VuePilot is a highly optimized piece of software. It is designed cache images, source code and videos locally in as many places as it can in order to speed up load times, combat slow and patchy internet and to continue displaying content on screens in your business even when your internet drops out completely. Sometimes […]

Microsoft Power BI Authentication Information

The VuePilot Microsoft Power BI app is based around the standard Power BI embedding functionality that Microsoft provides.  VuePilot does not require you to store credentials or private company details within our database, instead it will simply embed your report or dashboard into a portable app which can then be distributed and displayed around your […]

Managing Machine Names

The VuePilot licenses are issued to your machines based on it’s name and a few other elements. When you activate a new machine, an API call is made to our servers with information about the machine you’re activating which then returns an encrypted license that is placed on your machine. This license is then used […]

Fixing Raspberry Pi Audio Issues

Audio Not Working? How To Enable Audio Some customers have reported issues with sound not playing from the Raspberry Pi when using their own devices with VuePilot.  This is due to the Raspberry Pi operating system missing an audio library that the snap package depends on. We recommend customers use our official Raspberry Pi VuePilot […]

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