Managing Machine Names

The VuePilot licenses are issued to your machines based on it’s name and a few other elements. When you activate a new machine, an API call is made to our servers with information about the machine you’re activating which then returns an encrypted license that is placed on your machine. This license is then used […]

Fixing Raspberry Pi Audio Issues

Audio Not Working? How To Enable Audio Some customers have reported issues with sound not playing from the Raspberry Pi when using their own devices with VuePilot.  This is due to the Raspberry Pi operating system missing an audio library that the snap package depends on. We recommend customers use our official Raspberry Pi VuePilot […]

Raspberry Pi Setup Instructions

There are two ways you can use your Raspberry Pi as a VuePilot player.  The first way is to flash our official VuePilot image onto your SD card which will give you a pre-configured operating system that is completely setup and ready to go. When purchasing an official VuePilot player device from us, this is […]

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