How can I login to websites that require authentication?

From the software on your machine, when viewing the rotations panel, enter the URL of the dashboard that requires authentication into the URL box, then click the “Preview” icon next to it. This will open the URL in a browser window, login to the dashboard as normal.

Next simply close the window and the authenticated session will be persisted to the rotation windows, just like any other browser session.

Why cant the software login for me?

There is no standard way to automatically login with credentials to a website. Whilst it is possible to automatically fill in a username and password field, then submit, there are many variables involved.

For example, is the input box named “username” or “user_name” or maybe “email”? Are you redirected to a sign in page when unauthenticated or do you have to click a link? Is the form visible? or maybe you need to click a drop down menu to see it. Then there is complexities with single sign on, Windows authentication / NTLM, two factor authentication etc.

The problem sounds simple, but the answer is actually quite complicated, so theĀ  easiest solution is to simply open the page with the software and sign in as normal. The authenticated browser session will persist to all rotations on that machine. As the pages are being reloaded every few minutes during rotation the sessions are kept active.


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