Digital Signage Apps

Simple digital signage and kiosk management

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What Are Apps?

Display styled content and information on your screens

Make announcements about upcoming company events, display the latest news headlines, present the latest marketing campaign or company promotional videos on screens around the office.

Apps are an easy way for you to display styled content and information on your screens with just a few clicks.

Easily push updates to your kiosks and digital signs from the online dashboard. Simply create an app, then add it to your rotation list by using the "Add To Rotation" button.

An app is essentially a prebuilt web app that you can customize from the dashboard.
Need to announce a change to the christmas party date?
How about displaying the companies latest ad campaign in the board room?
Latest sports headlines in the kitchen?
Apps make this easy.


  • All apps 100% free for all VuePilot customers
  • Simple web based management panel
  • Remote management of your kiosks and signage
  • Multi screen signage. Manage multiple screens from a single machine
  • Unique URLs to access your apps

Use Cases

  • Display latest news headlines
  • Company annoucements
  • Advertising & product marketing
  • Branding for receptions and public offices
  • Boardroom screen messaging
  • Company notice boards
  • Meetup information

Display Company Announcements
Display Top News Headlines With The CNN App

Display Company Announcements
Display Company Announcements

Display Promo Videos & YouTube Content
Display Promo Videos & YouTube Content

Design Your Own Pages With RAW HTML
Design Your Own Pages With RAW HTML