Vue Pilot is a tool that is used to cycle through web pages in a full screen browser window.
Customise the list of URL rotations to display internal intranet or public web pages and have these lists automatically synchronised between your connected machines.

Common Uses

  • Internal office monitoring dashboard displays
  • Factory floor status screens
  • Rotating stock market information
  • IT Department monitoring dashboards
  • Pubs and clubs rotating information displays


  • Cycles through web pages on large screen displays
  • Customisable interval times
  • URL preview mode
  • Central control dashboard for rotation management
  • Cloud synchronised rotation lists
  • Screen takeover with "Hijack"
  • Automatic start on operating system boot
  • Automatic start on application load
  • Keyboard Hotkeys For Controlling Start, Stop, Pause & Fullscreen of rotations (no mouse required)