Simple, Cloud Synchronized Dashboard Management

Vue Pilot is a tool that is used to cycle through web pages on large screens throughout your workplace with the ability to remotely manage your screens from an online dashboard
Customise the list of URL rotations to display internal intranet or public web pages and have these lists automatically synchronised between your connected machines.

Common Uses

  • Internal office monitoring dashboard displays
  • Factory floor status screens
  • Rotating stock market information
  • IT Department monitoring dashboards
  • Pubs and clubs rotating information displays


  • Cycles through web pages on large screen displays
  • Customisable interval times
  • URL preview mode
  • Central control dashboard for rotation management
  • Start, stop, pause and update rotations on any screen from the online dashboard
  • Cloud synchronised rotation lists
  • Screen takeover with "Hijack"
  • Automatic start on operating system boot
  • Automatic start on application load
  • Keyboard Hotkeys For Controlling Start, Stop, Pause & Fullscreen of rotations (no mouse required)

Keyboard Hotkeys

Control, start, stop, fullscreen mode and now pause rotation functionality with keyboard hotkeys when interacting with the client software.
No need to plug in mice to wall mounted screens, awkwardly using your leg as a mouse matt

Centralised Management

Control your entire fleet of dashboard screens from one simple interface.
Start, stop, pause and update rotations on any screen from the online dashboard.
Need to update a rotation list? Simply login to the online dashboard at and update the rotation list.
All screens are updated automatically via the cloud

No Browser Required

Vue Pilot runs on it's own lightweight, optimized version of Chromium (Googles open source version of Chrome).
No web drivers or plugins required. Simply install the software and you're ready to go

Show content on any screen immediately

Hijack Functionality

We have these large screens all around our work places, cycling through our dashboard, however when an incident strikes, wouldn’t it be great if we could take over a screen and display something immediately important to the incident? Say for example a specific dashboard, or a news article?

With Hijack we can do this all from our dashboard. Simply login, find the machine from the “Machines” page, then enter the URL you wish to use under the “HIjack” section. When you’re done, click the “End Hijack” button to revert back to normal rotation.


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